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"Five years ago, we had a huge requirement of ´Automatic Digital Voltage Stabilizer 750 KVA-Balanced Type´ for our company in Cape Town South Africa, and until now would you believe that all of them are working efficiently? Thanks to Power Engineers &Consultants, we made the right decision to invest on their stabilizers. And because of that, we don ´t have any problem even on large volume of production. Until now almost all our equipments are working fine and we have substantially lowered on our electricity consumption. I would highly recommend them to my fellow industry partners and clients. I would not also forget as I will always commend their fast and competent service."

Mr. Thomas Jones
Cape Town South Africa
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A complete B2B online gateway, providing exhaustive information for manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of various types of voltage regulators, electroplating rectifiers and special purpose transformers.Suppliers and exporters of various types of voltage regulators, electroplating rectifiers and special purpose transformers.

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A complete B2B online gateway, providing exhaustive information for manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of various types of voltage regulators, electroplating rectifiers and special purpose transformers.



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Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/Controller

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer/ControllerAutomatic Digital Voltage Stabilizer are mainly used for protecting the damage of almost all kinds of electrical and electronic components from voltage variations. They are regulators that offer stable alternating current supply in situations where there is a highly variable mains supply. 

Working Principle

When there is a voltage fluctuation, the stabilizer stabilises the output voltage thereby ensuring constant input voltage supply to the equipment. The process makes it sure that the equipment or the unit receives voltage within its operating range. The equipment keeps a track of the mains voltage continuously. Whenever there is a rise or fall of voltage, the stabilizer regulates the output voltage so that a stable voltage supply reaches the equipment. In case, the input voltage rises above and drops beyond the range of input voltage, the stabilizer disconnects the output, thus protecting the equipment. Again, when the mains voltage returns to normal range, the output voltage is reconnected by the stabiliser.

Electroplating Rectifier ( Silicon Rectifier )

Electroplating Rectifier ( Silicon Rectifier )Rectifier is an equipment that converts AC into DC supply. Power make Silicon Rectifiers are widely used in Electroplating, Anodizing, Hydrogenation are widely used in Electroplating , Anodizing, Hydrogenation and all other electrochemical processes. These are tailor made, covering a wide range from 200 Amps to 15000 Amps at different output DC voltage as per requirement.  

RANGE : 0-1100V / 20000 AMPS

Salient Features

Designed for 100% Continuous Duty Cycle

Compact Design for Space Saving

Lesser Power Consumption

Negligible Maintenance

Tested at Each & Every Stage of Manufacturing

Liberal Design & Rigorous Testing of the Equipment Enables Trouble Free Service for Long Life.

Ultra Isolation Transformers

Ultra / Super Isolation Transformers are effective for Isolating sensitive equipment’s from Line Voltage transients, spikes & DC Leakage etc. They are specially designed for Sensitive critical Equipment’s like computers & peripherals, medical instrumentation, digital communication telemetry systems, CNC Machines etc. and stopping such disturbances generated by the noisy equipment load from being injected into the power line.  


Working Principle

Multiple shielding techniques employed reduce the inter winding capacitance to below 0.005 Pico farad and increases DC Isolation to over 1000 Megaohms. Technically, any transformers that have no direct current path between it’s primary & secondary windings provides isolation. Other commonly used, transformers even if they have separate primary & secondary winding are intended to convert the input voltage to a more useful level & do very little to attenuate the passage of noise or transients from primary to secondary. Even though both are separately wound transformers, they are substantially different w.r.t. Construction, specification & performance characteristics.


Technical Specification

Technical Specification



Rating Available

415V AC 3 PH

415V AC 3 PH

5 KVA to 2000 KVA

Or as per requirement

Both Oil & Dry Type

System Connections    :     Delta/Star (as per requirement)

Ratios                           :    1:1 (as per requirement)

Regulation                    :    5%

Power Factor                :    0.75 lead to 0.75 Lag

Coupling Capacitance  :    0.01 PF for 100 Db

Leakage Current           :    Less than 20 Micro Amps

Type of Execution        :    Closed Type

Operating Temperature :    0” C to 45” C

Type of Cooling            :    ONAN / Natural Air / Forced Air

Ultra Isolation Transformer (Oil & Dry Type)


We Specialize in Voltage Controller for "Cold Rolling mills & Pipe Plants."